Definition of 'Reboot' to restart or revive (a process or sequence...); give fresh impetus to.

1 Week/7 Days/One Goal

From Dream to Done (and DONE)! *dusts off hands*

The 7-Day Goal Reboot Challenge is for you if your goal is to: ...lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle ...improve your finances and finally be debt free ...find a healthy, loving relationship ...stop procrastinating

Whatever Your Goal is... It's time to stop talking about what you're going to do and make a commitment to yourself to actually do it! ONCE AND FOR ALL!

So, If You're Ready to: ...master your mindset around your goal ...overcome your doubts and fears ...learn exactly how to concentrate your focus and energy on your goal ...become a goal-achieving BEAST 

Take the first step to getting firmly and successfully on the road to your goal TODAY! (You know you still want it!)

The 7-Day Goal Reboot Summer Challenge Includes...

1) 7 Days of Audio Coaching Sessions

2) The 7-Day Goal Reboot Challenge Workbook

3) 7 Evenings of LIVE Coaching with Coach Kathy

Plus This BONUS Item...

The Goal Momentum Cheat Sheet

One of the most difficult things to do when going after a goal is maintaining momentum. Over time, you get sucked back into the day-to-day and, before you know it, you're goal is a distant memory. This Goal Momentum Cheat Sheet is your secret weapon and will help you keep on track past the 7 days. This is a must use tool!

The 7-Day Goal Reboot Summer Challenge will empower you to...

  • effectively and strategically set your goal (goals are more than just lists, my people)
  • banish overhwelm and gain absolute clarity around your goal (it's impossible to achieve vague goals)
  • recover emotionally and mentally from past failed attempts and believe in yourself again
  • stay motivated to achieve your goal
  • overcome limiting beliefs and overall stinkin' thinkin'
  • align your mindset and your daily behaviors with your goal
  • implement powerful habits and routines into each day that will propel you towards your goal
  • tap into the Law of Attraction (yes, it really exists)
  • stay consistent on your journey to achieving your goal ("But I'm just SO damn busy!")

What is ONE goal that you have been struggling with, like, for-ev-uh?

What is one goal that you keep saying, "For reals this time, I'm gonna (fill in the blank)!"

Maybe you haven't achieved the goal because you have no idea where to start or how to do it. Maybe you haven't achieved the goal because after so many failed attempts you've lost confidence in yourself. Maybe you haven't achieved the goal because of fear or a fucked up mindset. Doesn't matter.  

Now is your chance to attack that goal full on and kick its ass! For FREE!
With the
7-Day Goal Reboot Summer Challenge. WHAAAAAT?! *fist bump*


Ready to Go? (Uh, the answer is YES!)

Goals aren't always easy to achieve. But this is a great opportunity to give yourself a do-over and start fresh with the right strategies to get you on the path to achieving at least ONE of the goals that you've had on your list for a while now. And guess what? You can use this same formula over and over again for other goals. So, take advantage of this opportunity and enroll in the challenge TODAY. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let's get started! 

As an additional gift you'll also receive a subscription to my Weekly Playbook with exclusive offers, helpful strategies & tips. 

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