Design Your Next Act 

in 7 Steps

How to Create a Plan to Get You From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be!

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For over 15 years Success Coach and Change Strategist Coach Kathy Wilson has been training and coaching people to success in their personal and profssional lives. And she has packed this training with the strategies she uses not only with her clients but also in her own life to help you create that next amazing act in your life. If you have been wondering 'what's next', you don't want to miss this training!

In This Free Training You Will Learn:

Why you struggle when trying to make positive changes in your life; and the detailed step-by-step plan - your success blueprint - that will end your struggle and allow you to achieve any goal or make any change you can dream for your life. 

The importance of mindset. You will learn that everything you have and want to create in your life begins and ends with mindset. And that the key to successfully creating your next act is to identify and replace limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

How to align your daily actions with the life you're trying to create; and how not to get distracted by the busyness of life, or sidetracked by hidden obstacles that threaten to derail your progress and keep you from the life you desire.

Plus a FREE Participation Bonus: For taking part in is training, you'll receive the eWorkbook, Lead Powerfully, 7 Steps to Unleash Your Power & Take Command of Your Life - a coach-in-a-box learning tool and a wonderful companion resource to the free training!