It's time to start living your most authentic, fulfilling, and
financially free life

...even though the world is telling you "it's too late"!


How many times have you been fed the lie that your life is basically over after 40?

You're told things like:

  • You've peaked professionally and financially. A change in career would be financial suicide. You'll never have more money than you have now, you've tapped out. It's too late to go after your dreams, just be happy with what you have..
  • You can't start over. It's too late for you, you should have started earlier. You've got it pretty good, especially compared to some. Why rock the boat?
  • You aren't sexy. Worrying about that stuff is for the young anyway. Wanting to feel sexy isn't useful for someone your age.
  • Your best years are behind you. It's all downhill from here, so why even bother? It would take so much energy to change now, is it really worth it?
  • You're irrelevant. No one cares about women over 40. It's all about white men and young, beautiful women.

All of that is bullshit.

These messages, combined with our other limiting beliefs and fears, paralyze us into thinking it’s all over for us and that we just need to accept that and settle for where we are and what we’ve got, even when deep down we feel there’s more for us to do, be, have, experience, and and contribute!


Women are the most powerful creatures on earth! Need some convincing?

  • First, there are a lot of us. Women make up more than half of the people in the US, and 25% of the total population is made up of women over 40.
  • We are the most educated group in America, holding more than 60% of all degrees in the US.
  • One out of every 11 women owns a business.
  • We make the purchasing decisions. Today, 93% of women aged 40 to 60 make all or most of the financial decisions in households. Our purchasing power ranges from $5 trillion to $15 trillion, annually!
  • We control more than 60% of ALL personal wealth in the United States. And 40% of working women out-earn their husbands.

But still, mainstream media and culture count us out. So we end up counting ourselves out.

We spend so much time caring for and supporting the dreams of others – spouses, partners, children, parents, friends – that we forget about our own dreams. We prioritize others so much that our dreams, health, financial security, and goals get shoved aside and forgotten.

We end up giving up our power and missing out on life.

I know you want something different, something more. I know you’ve tried for years to get out of the rut and achieve your big goals, but can’t ever seem to make any real progress. 

Maybe you’ve read books, taken courses, or worked with coaches, but all you’ve gotten as a result is a to-do list that either feels too big or leaves you feeling dissatisfied when you’ve completed it.

I know this because I’ve been there too - stuck and searching for answers as to why I couldn’t reach my goals - until I was able to find the answer. And that answer changed my life. 

I have done all the research (reading, learning, and interviewing), and I've tested it, simplified it all, and created a proven 5-step system to help women like you create the life you really want to live.

Welcome to...


An online coaching program to help you level-up your life by getting laser focused, creating financial freedom, and impacting your world.


This program is for women over 40 who can’t shake the feeling that there is more out there for them if only they could get their shit together and go after it. It is perfect for entrepreneurs, career women, or empty nesters looking to start their next chapter. Or ANY woman with big goals.

The Your Next-Level Life Coaching Program will help you learn:

  • How to gain clarity on what you really want and what it's going to take to get there.
  • How to transform your limiting beliefs about what you can achieve and the money you can make.
  • How to identify and address what's really holding you back from becoming financially free.
  • How to set effective goals and get the leverage you need to stay committed to them.
  • How to develop the daily habits and routines that align with your goals and your vision.
  • How to create an achievable action plan to accomplish your big goals and create financial freedom.
  • How to harness the momentum you need to keep going so you can live out your vision for your life.

Your financial freedom and the life you truly want to be living are on the other side of the
Your Next-Level Life Coaching Program!

This is the most comprehensive program in the marketplace. It’s backed by science, and delivered with the right amount of tough love to keep you moving forward. Ditch those self-help books and courses, Your Next-Level Life is the only program you’ll need to reach your goals and transform your life.

Here's the Proven 5-Step System:

Step 1: Clarify

It’s not enough to have an idea of what you want your life to look like, you have to be crystal clear about what it will look like. Step one is all about gaining clarity around your life and where you are. You are also going to create a crystal clear vision of what you want your next level to look like. The clarity you gain in this step will set the foundation for the rest of the work you’ll do in the program.

Step 2: Plan

This is where most women start when they think about changing their lives - with their goals. But as you have now learned, goals are nothing without a crystal clear vision. In step two you’re going to set your goals, effectively and based on science. You’re going to learn how to choose the right goals, for the right reasons. And you're also going to create a fail-proof action plan to achieve those goals.

Step 3: Grow

This is where it all comes together for you –– it’s all about mastering yourself. The most common question asked when talking about achieving goals, or making any change is, “What do I need to do?” But the real question you should be asking is, “Who do I need to become?” First and foremost you must master your MINDSET. And then you must master your HABITS. Your habits and your daily routines must be carefully planned in order for you to be able to create the momentum you need to take your life to the next level.

Step 4: Align

Desiring to get to the next level, and creating a plan to get there, is one thing. But the truth is that dreams cost money! So you need work on your money mindset. In this step you will dig deep and examine your limiting beliefs and conditioning around money, and then learn to align your mindset AND who you are with the amount of money you need (and desire) in order to create your next-level life. You are not YET the woman who can bring in the amount of money you desire. But you will be after this step!

Step 5: Level Up

It's time! You have your vision, your goals, your plan, your habits, your routines, and the mindset to create your next level. Now it's time to start creating that next-level reality in the present and closing the gap between where you are now and where you desire to be. This is where your plan picks up momentum and you begin to propel your life toward the next level at a faster pace than you could ever imagine. Say goodbye to the knock-off life and hello to your dream life.

What's in the program:

  • 14 pre-recorded training modules (40 lessons) to guide you through the steps you need to take to create your next-level life (VALUE $3,999)
  • A Success Plan to track your progress and prevent overwhelm (VALUE $97)
  • Workbooks, audio downloads, and .pdf slides in each lesson, as well as resources, and activities to reinforce what you've learned (VALUE $197)
  • Monthly FB Live coaching Q&A sessions to keep you going if you get stuck (VALUE $2,999)
  • Access to the exclusive members-only Facebook group to provide support and community as you work through the program (VALUE $999)

Plus, receive these BONUS resources to help you reach your next level!

  • 12 LIVE Monthly Coaching mastermind sessions to help you implement what you learn and keep you accountable (VALUE $4799)
  • A digital copy of the Ultimate Life Planning Workbook (VALUE $299)
  • Access to my 5-module Breakthrough to You Self-Directed Course (VALUE $499)
  • What's Your Purpose? Personal Mission Statement Activity w/Audio (VALUE $199)
  • The Next-Level Life Vision Board Activity (VALUE $59)

TOTAL VALUE: Over $14,000


Payment Plans Are Available!

While I don’t buy into the bullshit that says it’s over for women over 40, the truth of the matter is you don’t have forever to achieve your goals.
You don't have time to waste. 

What are you waiting for? NOW is YOUR time!


See what the women are saying...


"Working with Coach Kathy has changed me, my business, and my financial mindset for the better. She has helped me realize some deep-seated habits and now I have the tools to get myself back on track. Before Coach Kathy, I had no idea what I was doing or why. Working with her has made me feel confident that I will be a top-notch realtor. I have burned the f***ing boats!"

- Bobbie

"I've been on a growth journey for years, constantly following "experts," and reading books, trying to get to the place my soul wants and just spinning my wheels. THEN I FOUND COACH KATHY! In just 7 short months, I started paying attention to my finances, dropped the dead weight in my life, tripled my business, invested in myself, and stayed on an upward trajectory in my personal growth. She is so inspiring and passionate. I am so grateful I joined the Your Next Level Life program! LIFE. CHANGING."

- Danielle

"This was hands down the best investment I could have made for myself.  I shut down one business, and opened another business during COVID. I have dramatically increased my revenue and income, decreased my anxiety and stress, all while having way more time for my family. If you are serious about shifting your mindset, getting focused, and transforming your life, this is the program for you!"

- Alessia


How long will it take to go through the program?

30 weeks from start to finish to go through the course materials if you stay on track. But you have access to the Coaching Masterminds for 12 months to make sure you have the support to truly implement your plan.

How do I access the program?

All of the modules are on the Kajabi learning platform. All you need to do is use your login information and you can access the course from any of your devices, and you can also login from the Coach Kathy Wilson website home page. This information will be sent to you in an email after you enroll.

I'm not a business owner - will this program still help me?

Absolutely! The Your Next-Level Life Coaching Program is for ANY woman who is ready to take one or more areas of their life to the next level, and knows they need the right steps to get them there.

Does my access expire?

Nope. You have lifetime access to all the program materials. So, for some reason, if you have to take a break, or if you don’t complete the program in 30 weeks, you don’t have to worry about losing access.

What makes this program different from the others?

First, this program is based in science - brain science, the science of change, the science of goal achievement, and the science behind money manifestation. It is not theory or my opinion. So you can expect proven results if you apply the strategies you will learn.

Second, this is the most comprehensive program of its type on the market today. This is the first program you need BEFORE you go off and create a course or manifest more money. Everything you need to focus your life, show up as your most confident and authentic self, and create financial freedom is included in this program.

Third, YOU will be a different person when you walk away from this program. You will have a clear vision of what you want for your life, the confidence to make it happen, aligned habits and routines, and command over your focus and your time making achieving your next level inevitable.

It's Time for You to Make the Life You've Been Dreaming About a Reality!